Can Truth Be Twisted?

No. Truth is absolute. The “true truth,” as Francis Schaefer, calls it is unchanging. One might say that truth is narrow-minded and pigheaded. Any corruption to the truth, if that were possible, makes it false. In other words, that which is really the truth cannot be pliable, flexible or even be forced to alter its nature or state. Truth is unbreakable and more solid than any metal or material known to man. Truth cannot ever change. Truth corresponds to the facts. 

The so-called “relative truth” is unstable, unreliable, inconsistent, and plainly false. With respect to relative truth, in one moment it says one thing and then changes in another moment. In which state is it the truth? Whenever someone talks of bending and twisting the truth, they are in fact talking about changing or replacing the properties of that which they know as the truth. In other words, it is not the truth people are twisting but it is their perception, their understanding and or their rendering of the assumed perfect-reality-state they view as the truth.  

We know an object to be true by its specific properties. If it is the truth, such properties cannot and do not change; otherwise it is temporary, transient and consist of “untrustworthy qualities.” Truth stays the same; otherwise it is undependable. Once the properties have changed then the object as we first knew it is no longer what we claimed it to be nor said it was as a truth-claimed in the first place. 

What we do in twisting is to use synergy in creating or making a new object of new or different properties from the first. This we also do with ideas or information. Therefore, the first or prior object-state or fixed meaning where ideas or information is concerned, no longer exists.  

But more specifically or exactly, it is our current perception of it that differs from our previous. For if the object-state were really true, it will continue to be so—the same object-state—regardless of time change. An essential property of the truth is permanence. It is no wonder the Bible says that Jesus is “the truth,” (John 14:6). He will not, cannot, and never change. He, Jesus “Christ is the same yesterday, today and forevermore,” (Hebrews 13:8).