Our Vision

The vision of CREM is to see unashamed Christian believers confidently and with humility explain the ground for their beliefs lived out in the real world..

Our Mission

It is the mission of CREM to partner with individuals, churches, and para-church ministries to equip, empower, elucidate, and encourage believers, and non-believers as citizens in living out the true truth.

What We Do


We know that in many communities, people can’t learn because of the lack of the basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter. Some children stay at home because they lack basic educational materials. This affects youths as well as adults. We at times partner with small churches and groups to help where we can.


  • We provide some training to ministers and church leaders.
  • We give out free Bibles and Sunday school materials and refer you to specialized ministries as needed.
  • We provide some help with small kindergarten schools project and as well as youth education.
  • We are involved minimally with church planting and meeting minor medical needs.
  • We help with the setting up of small groups for Bible studies.